The UEFA Champions League Final 2021 will be remembered for many reasons, above all because it was the return of the fans. For the first time in 2021, fans were allowed to attend a UEFA Champions League match in the stadium again. Manchester City FC and Chelsea FC met in the Estádio do Dragão in the wonderful city of Porto.

And this year’s #GazpromFootballExperience was extra special. Our Influencer – Team included some of the finest football influencers the continent has to offer:

• Daniel Cutting (@dcfreestyle)
• F2Freestylers (@thef2)
• Freekickerz (@teamfk)
• Anton ViscaBarca (@visca96barca)
• Ersin Düzen (@ersinduzen)
• Delantero (@therealyesus)
• Theo Ogdon (@thogden)
• Jamie Shawyer (@ldnmovements)
• Javi Ruiz (@xbuyer)
• Ben Black (@benblack)
• Ertem Şener (@ertemsener)
• Josh Denzel (@joshdenzel)

During their experience, they captured the buzz & excitement circulating the city & event, and with access to the Stadium, the prestigious UEFA Champions League Trophy and of course the chance to see the big final itself, our influencers shared this energy & exclusive access with their audiences around the world. Whatever the circumstances, we showed that you can always find a way to bring back the energy.

It’s all about finding energy and passing it on!

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