On this live edition of The Chronicles of a Gooner, Harry Symeou reacts to Villarreal 2-1 Arsenal in the first leg of their UEFA Europa League semi-final.

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  1. Its tough i still have faith in arteta but this match was a screw up i can accept auba was not fit but there were other options going forward but by some miracle we are still in this tie and i still think we will get to the final but arteta must learn from this if he has any chance of keeping this job.

  2. I think today is the day Arteta lost the fans that were still supporting him. If spurs manage to land Ten Haag from Ajax and we're stuck with this joker for another season, we'll be left behind

  3. Arteta should be sacked Tonight. Get allegri or conte benitez. Anyone better than artetamy gran passed on yrs ago n she could manage this team better. The players are ignoring his instructions. I think hes lost the fans now.kroneke wont pay for bigger coach co theyre want a huge transfer fee HE WONT PAY OUT

  4. What on earth was Arteta thinking? He somehow managed to miss three managerial sitters: holding and Mari aren’t compatible, Xhaka getting rag-dolled by Chuekwueze, and CEBALLOS!? Jesus mother of Mary every fan was screaming about these things from thousands of miles away?!? I no longer believe in the process. 🤦🏻

  5. Those players didn’t look like they are playing to get into a final. They looked like a pub team. It’s embarrassing. Even if we progress, we will get thumped in the final. I’ve lost faith in Arteta.

  6. i have a few sincere questions. please somebody help me because i see the team selections in the last games and i dont know why it is like that… why cedric, gabriel, bellerin and tierney are not playing ? i see guys like mari, xhaka as a left back, chambers after a whole year in injuiry and we havent won a signle game or play at least good. also, i have to comment not playing with a pure striker yesterday. was aubameyang still not ready? and then what about eddie? why is ceballos playing in important games? obviously he cant handle it. i saw the team selection with everton and thought that arteta doesnt care about pl anymore and he will put the best players yesterday and then i see the same players? players that had a long time out, players that do not play in their positions. what is going on? and last, i have a question that i think cannot be answered by logic. partey was a total beast in athletico. why o why has he transformed in such a bad way with us. i just hope that next season will be so much different and i really hope to change the course next week and at least fight for europa league because if we dont i think arteta has not many days in the team.

  7. Harry most of the time we’re at 25 pct sometimes 50 very very rarely 75. I’m still behind Arteta but he is making it very diff to support him. He is so bloody stubborn and agree you don’t experiment in such important match. Get Xhaka back in midfield, play Cedric rb give Gabi 90 mins up front. Surely Arteta must see this now before it’s too late. We are still in it but we shouldn’t be, so maybe the gods are with us and our name is on the cup. All said it’s been a crap season but without a continual self destruct, crazy decisions against us not to mention continual injuries to key players and a misfiring Auba, we would still have been just short of top 4 or 5.

  8. So what you seem to be saying Harry, is the manager that you have been sucking off all year, isn't such a good lay after all. It kind of feels like a bit late in the day now, sorry. I've enjoyed your shows but your constant BS surrounding Arteta has been frustrating. We are totally crap under him yet because his mate Pep says he is a good coach, you are convinced. If Pep told you to roll over naked and he would give you a manscape shave, I guess you would be suckered into that too? Sometimes people don't say things that are true Harry, like "the Kroenke's have a vision for the future"……. You really shouldn't be so naive. Arteta was brought in as the Kroenke's man, not because he was right for the job. He is out of his depth in msny many areas.

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