On this live edition of The Chronicles of a Gooner, Harry Symeou is joined by Metro Sport’s Mike Stavrou to review Arsenal 1-1 Slavia Prague in the UEFA Europa League quarter-final first leg.

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  1. Harry I really do love your content and I’m not arteta out but come on man the team was set up wrong again the subs were way too damn late again it doesn’t seem like his learning from his mistakes and I really don’t see this team going to Prague and getting anything

  2. Again, the managers job isnt just to get the starting 11 right and make the right subs. He should be able to make the team better , have a style of play. I agree that arteta needs a better squad but he has to deserve it. Claude puel had leicester strugling in midtable , rodgers came and all of a sudden people say leicester have better players than arsenal. If we get the right manager, with a clear system, and experience, those players will play better. All this time and i see no improvement in defense and the attack is worse.

  3. why is everyone blaming laca. every foward miss chances plus one and one with keeper not easy s some ppl think especiaally if ur not running at an angle. why cnt our manager find a wy for laca and uba to ply upfront against slavi prague why, imo we just need courageous manager who wil attack the life out of opponents. artet not progressing, hz waaaaaayyyy below average and imo not good enough for arsenl

  4. The blame lies with the terrible quality of recruitment . Why are we not able to recruit smartly …. like Leicester , Liverpool , even Manu …we are decent spenders . We don’t need to be Chelsea, Mancity or PSG . We need to be Bayern, Liverpool ….. we need Energetic Championship players …. Buendia and Bissouma for me … Partey demonstrates how difficult adjustment in the PL is .

  5. The last 2 games are on Mikel, this game as well, the way he set us up we couldn't create many chances, we created 4-6 big chances in the whole match, we need to create more, facilitating some misses which won't hurt us as much. Having bang average players on form as strikers, doesn't help. Either back him financially in the summer regardless of Europe or sack him. He needs to start trusting in the youth more, the youth are keeping him in the job. Let's hope Mikel can turn this around, starting with the Sheffield United game. Then we move to the 2nd leg. Let's get this, we can wipe the floor with them.

  6. How do you place any blame for this shambles of a performance on Unai Emery, Harry? You’ve been loosing the plot on Twitter recently. Time to clear your head take a break and stop broadcasting if you’re going to talk out your ass.

  7. Harry, as things currently stand ARSENAL ARE HEADING OUT OF THE EUROPA LEAGUE! Get it into your skull. If they fail to convert chances like we did last night we’re out. No idea where your confidence derives from.

  8. You need a more holistic view on the managers responsibility. So Laca missed a chance…you should be asking…why is Laca at the club? Why's he out of form? Why is Auba at the club and out of favour? Why is Eddie at the club and not improving? Why is Martinelli not getting a chance upfront and would he be doing better than Laca? Why given the above did we not sell and re-invest in another striker last summer?

  9. Are you men blind or deluded, this was a poor performance, not worthy of an Arsenal team. This whole entire season has been shyte and we're not good enough and the manager is not good enough. Our standards have sunk so low that we are not accepting the dross and the manager's selection and management have been poor. If we get beat in the 2nd leg Arteta must be sacked!!!! This is not good enough for the level we should be at otherwise just accept we are now a mid table outfit not fit for Europe or the PL.

  10. Harry,Arteta is damaging the mental health of the squad,they are done,he's lost,raise your expectations gentlemen.
    Artetas in charge so we can be crap,is not the attitude,you want to live in midtable,because have no doubt,the team are done,the results shout the truth,the teams confidence is shot to buggery,repeated poor performances show this,you can see the picture,it does not change too often does it!

  11. So many contradictions and things that don't add up in what you say Harry. You are a Arteta luvvie and yet can't understand why Martinelli can't get a game and why Willian plays ahead of Pepe and if the rotation of players causes us problems. Why can't you see that Arteta and Edu and above are the problem, not the players.

  12. 1-0 would have kept a clean sheet with a win, which it looked like they we were playing for, as the goal didn’t come so he sticks the subs on action happens, a goal comes according to plan. OK then a minor lapse in the last minutes, ‘that;s football’ that is definitely ‘European football’.

  13. With no subs would we have drawn 0-0 ? Or lost 0-1 ? Or ended up 1-1, non of these results win or lose the tie, it is very difficult to win a European tie at the home game when its the 1st game in the tie, the away game in the game you ‘aim’ to win.

  14. Two one on ones missed by Saka and Laca, Willian hits the post from freekick, Aubameyang misses a sitter with practically his first touch all before Pépé scored. Should have been out of sight and the team hadn't even got out of 1st gear. Not sure how to feel about the performance, gutted by the result.

  15. THE previous night we watched beyern v p s g . Does any arsenal fan think we are on the same planet let alone level.
    We are praising players who would not get in either side.. time to turn ARSENE wingers picture to the wall and say to he'll with it.
    I'm the same age as JOE BIDEN I will never see the team I first saw when I landed in north London in 1962, ever shine again,the road to the top is too steep from here.

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