UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, two of the worlds biggest competition in football, The competitions full of surprises and fun. Watch all the highlights as soon as the games are played. You wouldn’t want to miss out on Barcelona, Bayern, Man City, CheIsea, Dortmund, Sevilla, Porto, Real Madrid, Juventus, Monchengladbach, Liverpool, Sevilla, PSG, Atletico Madrid, Atalanta and Lazio highlights as they battle it out to be crowned the uefa champions league winners.
On the other hand Manchester United, Leicester, Arsenal, Tottenham, Ac milan, Rangers,Ajax,Olympiacos, Napoli, Granada and Slavia prague give it their all to win the Europa league. To get updated with all this and so much more welcome to the family and subscribe and hit the notification bell to never miss a highlight. THANKS for watching.

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4 pensamientos sobre “UEFA Europa League Olympiacos vs Arsenal 1- 3 highlights ødegard debut goal

  1. To me that goal was Leno's mistake. He's passed to Ceballos who has 4 men around him as soon as the ball is at his feet he has a player in his face. Leno had 4 other options available to him when he played that pass.

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