Champions League Got Player Goin Wild
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31 pensamientos sobre “Unforgettable UEFA Champions League Goals Reaction

  1. Your girl knows more about football then you. When she says she shoot in the corner its not easy. 7/10 times they miss when it does go in, its something special. Commentors literally say 'that was in the corner' and your here clownin your girl for sayin the same thing

  2. The difference between Ronaldo and Messi is: Ronaldo has better physically, more powerful shots and is great at headers. Whilst Messi is the better passer, dribbler and overall better technical footballer. Ronaldo scores from long range and Messi doesn’t much but that’s because Messi technical dribbling is good enough to take on multiple players whilst Ronaldo has a bigger frame so it’s harder for him to run through like Messi so he takes a lot more long shots

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