First gameplay of eFootball PES 2021 on PC.


UEFA Champions League ( CUP Mode )
PA 1
Gamespeed +1
Semi Assist
10 Minutes
Camera : StadiumCustom 0,0,0
PES 2021 PC Patch 1.01 Datapack 1.01 ( Vanilla version )

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18 pensamientos sobre “PES 2021 PC Gameplay UEFA Champions League 2020/2021

  1. everything that worked in PES 2020 will work in PES 2021 without making any changes? Just install Sider 7 and throw everything in its proper folders. such as the PL stadium packages, La Liga, Bundesliga among others … Entries from all leagues, UCL anthem, Libertadores anthem, La Liga anthem, PL anthem, French anthem, Bundesliga anthem.Scoreboards of all leagues, meaning everything?

  2. No different from 2020

    And I don’t understand one thing, where is the sound of the celebration of Ronaldo – "Siiiiii" – and the sound of the stadium accompanying this celebration, this is a great failure. And in general, where the reaction of the fans is the sound of the Spanish. Anyone who has watched football for more than 20 years, as I have long been able to determine by ear, how the stadium sighs during a dangerous moment at the opponent's goal, whether it is a kick to the post or next to it … This is also a great failure. And in general, where is the sound realism? Shot on goal and I hear the same sigh … This is how I have written more than once – GREAT FAILURE !!!

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