Here is a video explaining how Serbian side Red Star Belgrade was able to defeat Liverpool with a clean sheet Using home dominance.



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38 pensamientos sobre “Redstar Belgrade Trash Liverpool 2-0 UEFA Champions League 2018 How They Did It

  1. Big respect for putting this out there man. I think true Liverpool fans know that Red Star have a history and aren't to be dismissed lightly. I think their fans (aside from a few blurts spitting at people), should be an example to all of football as to how to support your team. Create that cauldron, that bear pit atmosphere. You're a football fan. That's your job! Here's hoping Red Star can take another scalp! YNWA

  2. You say they dont care about the football you dont understand they do care about the football a lot they support there team for the whole time just so they can with the football match u have no clue how much energy those fans give u zvezda Has the best fans un the world

  3. Маракана није место за влогере и јутјубере и остале странце маракана је место за оне који воле свој клуб а не за оне које долазе да би нас гледали ЗАБРАНИТИ ЈУТЈУБЕРИМА УЛАЗ НА МАРАКАНУ! ТО ЈЕ НАША СВЕТИЊА

  4. Those of us of a certain age did not need telling how big a club Red Star Belgrade is! They've been on the European scene since almost the beginning. I'm a Manchester United fan so obviously know all about Red Star (1958 United were on the way home from playing Red Star when the Munich Disaster happened and they were a top top side even then) also at the time they won the European cup United won the Cup Winners Cup, so they played for the UEFA Super cup. (which we won) The Yugoslavian league was very strong in them days as there was a rule which prevented players from leaving to go to big European clubs until the age of 27. (so it was a growing pot for the best local talent in many ways) ps thought the video would of concentrated on the on field tactics as well if I'm honest, it's like you haven't give Red Star Belgrade the credit they deserve for what they done in actual pitch.

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